Discover Cross-Browser Layout Problems Automatically

Browsera will notify you of possible cross-browser layout problems it finds while testing your site. Instead of having to check out each screenshot on your own, you'll get a report detailing which pages have potential problems. You can quickly see the problems indicated as each screenshot is highlighted in the problematic areas. Browsera is like a tester, looking for visual discrepancies between different browsers.


Locate JavaScript Errors

Browsera will also help you find problems caused by scripting errors on your site. Each time Browsera renders a page, it checks if the browser encountered any scripting errors during the process. These errors are collected and reported in your results. JavaScript errors can lead to loss of functionality on your site and unpleasant user experiences.


Easily Test Entire Sites

Instead of testing a page at a time, why not test your entire site? Other browser testing services are only able to test a single page at a time. That's great if you have a small site, but won't work if you have many pages and want to test them all at once. We make it easy for you by crawling the links on your site or accepting a list of URLs you'd like to test.


Test Pages Requiring a Login

Site mostly behind a login? That's ok, Browsera can log in prior to testing your site. We support both HTTP Basic authentication as well as application based logins. All that is required is that you provide a unique 'id' attribute on the login fields. No other browser testing service provides this feature, and it is critical for sites that have user profiles.


No Installation Required

Since everything runs from our server cluster, there's no need for you to install anything. You just need a web browser to use the service and can access the results from anywhere. This is especially great for teams that work remotely.


Test Dynamic Pages

Browsera works with websites that use technologies like AJAX and DHTML. So, even if your pages load dynamic content or change the layout of the page, you're covered. Browsera waits until the pages has finished loading prior to testing.

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